Dairy and Beef

Dairy and Beef

Dawe’s offers a complete line of nutritional supplements designed for dairy and beef cattle.

These supplements include vitamin-trace mineral premixes, probiotic packs for calves and grazing animals and the milking herd.

Our specialty include products for close up feeding of dairy cows and water dispersible products to reduce stress and nutritional imbalances.

Our DQ Products for Dairy and Beef

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Animal Health Products for Dairy and Beef


A capsule that helps restore metabolic processes in dairy and beef cattle that are off-feed due to diet change, drug therapy, parasitism, etc.


A feed supplement designed to stimulate Dry Matter Intake, particularly in pre-fresh and fresh dairy cows.


Is a comprehensive blend of water-soluble ingredients formulated and manufactured by Dawe’s Laboratories to improve fresh cow health and performance.

Specialty Supplements for Dairy and Beef


A concentrated feed supplement of properly balanced electrolytes, essential vitamins and trace minerals designed to alleviate ruminant heat stress.

DCP-FG Dawe’s Cattle Probiotic- Feed Grade

Is a pellet stable, feed grade, nutritional supplement source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganisms for cattle with 17 million CFU per gram total.

DCP-WS Dawe’s Cattle Probiotic-Water Soluble

A source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganism for calves.