DQ Fortifiers

DQ Fortifiers

DQ Fortifiers

DQ Fortifiers

DQ Fortifiers

DQ Fortifiers

DQ” stands for DAWE’S QUALITY

This line of proprietary premixes is designed for maximum animal performance.

DQ FORTIFIER includes all necessary vitamins and trace minerals for a particular species of animal at a specific stage in its life cycle.


In addition to complete feed formulations, DQ customers receive customized technical, nutritional and marketing support.  The feeds are formulated by our staff nutritionists, and represent best-cost planes of nutrition. Reflecting and finding solutions to the opportunities and challenges they face.

Our DQ Products

DQ gamebird breeder

DQ egg

DQ sheep

DQ turkey starter

DQ turkey breeder

DQ turkey grower finisher

DQ turkey starter w/o choline

DQ swine grower finisher

DQ goat

DQ pig and breeder add on

DQ dairy

DQ dairy midwest


DQ beef

DQ horse s & t