There are three swine feed premix supplements which can fit any size or type of swine operation – even including pot-bellied pigs. 

BIOGRO protein products are designed to replace fish meal in swine diets and are very price competitive and are of consistent composition.  So if fish meal is just not coming into your early feeds because of price take a look at our BioGro products.   

Dawe’s Laboratories’ complete line of water dispersible products will help to ease your pigs through weaning and help reduce stress at marketing.  

Dawe’s also offers swine-specific probiotic packs can help reduce the use of antibiotics and reduce stress.

Our DQ Products for Swine

DQ pig and breeder

DQ swine grower finisher

DQ pig and breeder add on

Specialty Supplements for Swine

DSP-WS Dawe’s Swine Probiotic-Water Soluble

A source of live (viable) naturally occurring microorganism for swine.