For us, the process only begins with the premix. After designing, manufacturing and delivering the highest quality DQ FORTIFIER, we provide continuous and individualized services to our DQ PROGRAM customers ("DQ" stands for "Dawe's Quality," our top-of-the-line premixes designed for optimal performance).

We believe that people who produce fine feeds, and nutritious meat, milk and eggs, deserve to earn superior returns on their invested capital.  That’s why we identify opportunities for profit, sometimes before our customers do, and why we design solutions to their challenges, often before they incur expense. 

Our job is to improve the quality of our DQ customers’ feeds, the efficiency of their mills, the health and comfort of the animals they manage, the success of their marketing programs, and inevitably the equity of their shareholders.

We are Silent Partners with DQ customers throughout the United States. In addition, customers on five continents around the world use our Animal Health water-dispersible products, and our specialty supplements.

Please contact us for more information on our product lines and services.