CLOSE-UP PELLET®.    A palatable and patented blend of anionic salts, vitamins and
trace minerals to reduce fresh-cow diseases.


STRESEEZ® FOR DAIRY.   A concentrated feed supplement of properly balanced electrolytes, essential vitamins and trace minerals designed to alleviate ruminant heat stress.


PRYFERM® (BIOGRO®).  A select blend of non-medicated fermentation factors containing B vitamins, amino acids, and trace minerals.  Available as a feed supplement, and also as a nutrient carrier in all DQ® FORTIFIERS for both monogastrics and ruminants.

BIOGRO® SUPER.  A fishmeal analogue with the benefits of fishmeal but without the drawbacks.  Consistent in quality, with superior availability and digestibility.

GROGEL PLUS.  A supplement and attractant for day-old poultry.  Mixed with water, it provides hydration and concentrated nutrients to get hatchlings off to a good start.   Also available with probiotic bacteria. 

DOG FORTÉ.  A palatable, high-protein and high-energy supplement for working and sporting dogs.  Designed to promote recovery and rehydration after exertion.

FIRM-O-SHELL®.  A micronutrient feed supplement to aid in reducing cracked, soft-shelled or downgraded eggs.  Especially beneficial for late-cycle layers.