A DQ FORTIFIER includes all necessary vitamins and trace minerals for a particular species of animal at a specific stage in its life cycle.

DQ” stands for DAWE’S QUALITY:  This line of proprietary premixes is designed for maximum animal performance.  They are blended on carefully selected carriers, including PRYFERM®, a non-medicated source of fermentation factors.  DQ fortifiers include anti-oxidants for sufficient shelf-life and, when necessary, dust-control and flow agents.

DQ fortifiers are provided with a set of complete diets for the particular animal.  The feeds are formulated by our staff nutritionists, and represent best-cost planes of nutrition.  They are specific to the quality and costs of each DQ customer’s feed ingredients and feed-processing equipment.  The series of feeds are updated as conditions warrant (weather, environment, age, breed, performance goals, etc.).

In addition to complete feed formulations, DQ customers receive customized technical and marketing services that reflect the opportunities and challenges they face.

On occasion, we blend separate vitamin and trace mineral premixes, particularly when our customer anticipates a long period of storage in a very hot, humid climate.  But normally a fortifier should contain all necessary vitamins and trace minerals, since a single multi-nutrient fortifier disperses better and limits mixing error to one possibility, rather than two.

We follow strict procedures for evaluating the ingredients used in DQ fortifiers.  There’s both a science and an art to ensuring the fortifier later blends uniformly with all the ingredients in a ration.   Click here to see our process of qualifying any ingredient proposed by a supplier.