Because feed consumption decreases during stress, animals reduce intake of the very micronutrients necessary for recovery and repair.  Fortunately, stressed animals usually continue to drink water.  Providing vitamins, electrolytes, trace minerals and beneficial bacteria in the drinking water is a practical method of improving the animal's ability to withstand stress.

Dawe's Laboratories' dispersible powders and miscible liquids comprise the industry's most comprehensive product line of non-medicated supplementation for drinking water.  They are designed for specific conditions, and are well known for rapid dispersion, no separation and very low residues.

NOTE:  Some products have one brand name in the United States and another in all other countries.  The US brand name is listed first.  The international name is listed second, in italics.
For example, STRESEEZ PLUS is the US brand name of the same formulation sold outside the
US as PROTEK ALL PLUS.  DAWELYTE is sold in the US:  The identical product is
named  AQUALYTE in countries outside the US. 


STRESEEZ® PLUS (PROTEK ALL® PLUS).  Vitamins, trace minerals and electrolytes for poultry and livestock when they are stressed, in need of a nutrient boost, or when feed consumption is reduced.

STRESEEZ® TWO (PROTEK ALL®).  A comprehensive blend of 12 essential vitamins to meet the needs of young and breeding animals.

DAWELYTE® (AQUALYTE®).  Electrolytes and trace minerals formulated to maintain a proper balance of body fluids; especially useful during heat stress or scours.

DAWE® ACE.  A concentrated source of Vitamins A, C and E to help animals resist disease and reduce stress due to heat or cold.  Important for reproductive performance and hatchability.

ACE PLUSDAWE ACE plus additional nutrients to support the immune system, resist infection, promote tissue repair and improve reproductive performance.

DAWE-ADE®  (AQUA-ADE).  Vitamins A, D3 and E for use during placement, vaccination, farrowing, weaning, castration and dehorning.

KOAGULONE®-A.  Vitamins A and K to alleviate hemorrhagic conditions, coccidiosis, blood spots, navel bleeding, castration and debeaking.

DPP.   Dawe’s Poultry Probiotic contains a mix of probiotic bacteria selected to establish and maintain a healthy, normal gut microflora.


AQUA-DEE®.  Vitamin D3 to reduce soft eggshells, swollen joints, stiff gait, rickets, malformed bones and soft beaks.

LIQUI-E 500.  For periods of malabsorption or depressed feed consumption; builds blood titers when vaccinating.